Month: September 2014


Child Support Agency live caseload decreasing gradually

According to the Agency’s latest quarterly summary, the live caseload decreased 1% in the quarter ending June 2014. There was a slightly larger reduction in those due to pay using the Collection Service than those to pay via the Maintenance Direct service. The rate of decrease for the live caseloadRead More

Enforcement fees for child maintenance attract controversy

The recent changes to the Collect and Pay system operated by the Child Maintenance Service, which were introduced on the 11th of August, are attracting controversy. Resolution as well as the Gingerbread single parents support group criticise the scheme for affecting vulnerable families most. The new charges apply in everyRead More

Ministry of Justice announce wider funding for free mediation sessions

Controversy over the new child maintenance enforcement fees, new statistics on same-sex marriages, and more. Here is the news in brief. Ministry of Justice announces more Government funding for free mediation Mediation sessions will be free to both parties if one party is already legally aided, according to a newRead More

Average duration of care proceedings in Jan-March 2014 was 33 weeks

 The Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service has been making great strides in reducing the duration of its legal proceedings revolving around child care since it implemented the Children and Families Act 2014 back in late April of this year. Currently, its 2013 and 2014 accounts demonstrate thatRead More

£20 million funding to help children adopted from care

In 2013, according to statistics, less than half of children adopted performed up to the standard levels in school. In contrast, seventy-five percent of children who were not adopted managed to meet the expected levels. This dramatic gap is indicative of the huge disadvantage that adopted children have at havingRead More

Family court system at breaking point, says Resolution

The family court system is flooded with an unbelievable number of cases since public funding for lawyers was cut. As of now, the court system is reportedly at a breaking point because of the excessive number of cases. Due to the delays and lack of funding for lawyers, many peopleRead More

Staying Put funds allocated to English local authorities

At age eighteen, foster children are generally left without living arrangements; however this is all set to change. The Department for Education funded a full year for the Stay Put provision, which provides local arrangements for individuals in foster care who are over eighteen. This Stay Put arrangement allows theRead More