Cross border protection for victims of domestic violence

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Prior to January 2015, victims of domestic violence faced significant difficulties moving to different EU states and ensuring that their protection order was enforced. These difficulties stemmed from the fact that the protection orders were not recognized between member states. As a result, victims were not fully protected from violence should their attacker follow them to their new place of residence.

With the new regulation No. 606/2013 now in effect, any victims of domestic violence who have obtained an order of protection are free to move within the EU states and have that order be recognised across the board. This applies to all orders of protection issued on or after January 11, 2015 and should help dramatically improve the victim protection measures and ensure that justice is maintained throughout EU boarders. This new regulation was put into effect to help boost the Directive 2011/99/EU that was released back in 2011. 

Directive 2011/99/EU dealt with ensuring that victims of criminal matters saw more cross border protection. With both of these regulations now in place and taking effect, victims should see that any order of protection issued in one member state will be automatically recognised and enforced in any other member state they choose to go to, and no extra special procedures will have to be required to enforce it.

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