Government plans to increase divorce fees scrapped

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In an attempt to increase income to the courts, the government considered increasing both the fees for divorce proceedings as well as for commercial proceedings. Fortunately, after reviewing the matter both proposed fee increases have been declined.

The reason that neither one of the fee increases were put through is simply because it would be too much of an impact on both individuals and businesses wishing to utilise the court to resolve disputes. Court fees are something that have to be paid up front and in full prior to proceedings beginning, which means that fewer people overall would use the courts if the total fee amount was too high. In addition, higher fees would simply add more to the total costs businesses and individuals have to pay during the litigation process.

In lieu of increasing initial fees for commercial claims and divorce proceedings, the government has decided to raise the fees for those looking to recover money over ten thousand pounds. Around ninety percent of money claims seen in court are for amounts under ten thousand and the fees for these will remain the same; however for cases regarding claims over ten thousand, the total fee will be equal to five percent of the claim cost.

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