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Family Mediation Council accredited Family Mediators call 01708 763463 for help for your family  to settle its differences As another assurance of Quality Milner Elledge holds the Legal Aid Agency [ formerly Legal Aid Board} Quality Mark Standard for Mediation

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Why choose our Mediation Services?

Family Mediation takes place in our offices at 29 High Street Romford and 1a Station Parade Dagenham. Its for anyone, married or unmarried parents and children who wants to sort out practical issues following separation or divorce ,arrangements for children and financial arrangements. It also works for extended family members such as grandparents.

Family Mediation improves communications between parties. This is particularly important where the care and upbringing of children are involved.It is often less stressful quicker and more cost-effective quicker than going to court and has the advantage of being flexible process that can be used to settle a variety of disputes and can help to reduce tension, anger and misunderstanding that can arise during this difficult time for you .
Most importantly it can be used whether or not the parties have seen a solicitor and proceedings have begun.

You will be helped by a qualified mediator assists you is resolving your differences without taking sides .He or she and sometimes two mediators co-mediating will guide you by providing legal information to reality test your suggested solutions and also practical information including details of other support services that may assist you. No settlement is imposed on you as the process is entirely voluntary and you need to be happy all along the way the solution is workable and right for you.

What are the benefits of  Mediation?

Whilst mediation is confidential, if during the course of it there is a risk of either party or child getting seriously hurt or one person could be committing a criminal offence such as fraud then the mediator has an overriding duty to stop the mediation and tell the police or other authorites. Other than that everything discussed remains confidential between the parties and the mediator until open proposals are reached at the end. Consequently if mediation doesn’t proceed whilst factual information such as property and financial details can be passed on , you cannot use what is said against the other person.

All Family mediation in Romford & Dagenham is available to divorcing and separating couples whether or not they have children.

Family mediation can be used to help settle:

  • Your mediation sessions will involve you both agreeing to follow a procedure guided by the mediator at all times. At the start of mediation, you’ll both be encouraged to say what you each want, and need to discuss. These things may differ but you’ll be encouraged to agree an agenda of issues to discuss, and to decide what’s most important to discuss first. 

Your mediator will talk through the possible options with you both jointly. You’ll agree which options are best and which make the most sense in terms of a fair outcome. Our mediator will give you a written record of your proposals developed.

Mediation sessions are structured and ground rules are followed to help create an atmosphere of trust, helping you to talk and find solutions which you both accept.

Intake Meeting

At an intake meeting or MIAMS (mediation information and assessment meeting) we’ll talk to you about the following things – the session will be about 15 minutes each. During the intake sessions we will:
Tell you about the costs involved if you want to proceed with mediation.

  • Check whether there are any domestic violence issues, social services involvement or health issues that we need to be aware of, to make sure that you’ll feel safe during the process, you have the support you need and we can assess whether mediation is suitable.
  • Assess what type of mediation is best for you – do you have children and money to sort out, or just one of these things.

We won’t proceed with arranging any mediation sessions unless both you and your partner or spouse agree. If mediation is unsuitable the mediator will provide your solicitor with the relevant forms to take the matter to court.

If you do both agree, we’ll set a date with you both for the first session. You will both be asked to sign the Agreement to mediate together with the mediator which will let out yours and the mediator’s responsibilities during the process.

If following your intake meeting or MIAMS you both decide you want to try family mediation to help you sort out practically the issues which arise from family breakdown, our mediation sessions will be structured and will create a safe and professional space for you to talk things through in the presence of a mediator.

Memorandum of Understanding and Open Financial Statement

If you are successful a privileged summary called a Memorandum of Understanding is prepared which will record the mutually acceptable proposals for settlement of matters discussed and will outline the context in which those proposals have been reached.  It can be shown to your respective solicitors but it cannot be shown to the court unless you both consent to the same.
In addition in financial cases, an Open Financial Statement / Summary of your financial circumstances will be produced. This document will include all the financial documents you have both disclosed during the process. This is an open document and can be used in subsequent court proceedings should mediation not resolve issues between you.

If you would like to discuss mediation options and would like to use our family mediation service  in Romford then contact us today. We are here to help you.