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Open letter to next Gov. to return Legal Aid

Victims of domestic violence who have suffered due to injustice will be able to receive help if what the Labour proposes will be adopted. An open letter was signed in The Guardian by 100 judges, doctors, peers and lawyers who are working in the civil and criminal justice system. The open letter was written to urge the next government coming to power to restore legal aid which will benefit many who have no legal redress. In addition to this, the letter was also urging the next government to establish a royal commission to investigate the current state of decrease of access to justice.

The expert witness rates among other legal aid rates also need to be reviewed and the letter written urged the incoming government to establish an independent body which would do this work. This would ensure that the legal aid rates were free from politics and thus the needs of the public would be met through an evidence-based approach.

Sadiq Khan, the Shadow Secretary for Justice said: “Many have been trapped in abusive relationships and their suffering prolonged as a result. Labour is not prepared to sit idly by and let this continue.”



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