Proposed law change supporting male victims of domestic violence

domestic voilence help romfordA charity that supports male victims of domestic violence, the Mankind Initiative has declared its backing for the recommendation that there should be a specific criminal offence of domestic abuse in regards to controlling and coercive behaviour in intimate relationships.

New Changes help abused men in domestic violence cases

Such an offence would guarantee that both statutory agencies and society in general would realise that this type of abuse is suffered by male victims of domestic violence, the Mankind Initiative believes.
With the introduction of this offence some parity may be gained for male victims as the ‘believability threshold’ would be more akin to that of female victims of the same offence. The Mankind Initiative believes that because male victims are far more likely to suffer non-violent forms of abuse than violent forms, the introduction of this new law is especially important.

With this new law in place, the charity is of the belief that actions such as denying parental contact and threatening or using false allegations will now be recognised as threatening and coercive behaviour.To further ensure that male victims of domestic violence receive the protection they need, the charity stressed that it needs to be made clear to the police, statutory agencies and abuse sector practitioners that the new law pertains to both male and female victims. 

Domestic violence is inexcusable, whether is either a man or a woman committing the offence. Milner Elledge understands how difficult these situations can be and offer a rapid response to any abuse situation. If you have been affected by domestic violence contact us today.

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