Statistics show January divorce spike is no myth

Divorce lawer  RomfordNow that the New Year has commenced, divorce lawyers are preparing themselves for a busy few months ahead. Last year, surveys showed that many couples were staying together for the kids. In fact, after the polls were tallied up, it found that one in four people said that they were together only for the children. Additionally, to add to the staggering results of the poll, it was also found that one out of every five couples were planning to see a divorce lawyer after the holidays were over.

Indeed, last year the divorce spike in January was very real, with a twenty-seven percent increase in divorce cases in general, It seems that the New Year resolutions are no longer about getting in shape and being healthy, but instead making an appointment with a divorce lawyer.

Unfortunately the reasons behind the divorce spikes in January may be due to financial difficulties. Everyone knows the holidays can be stressful if money is tight, however within the surveys taken regarding divorce proceedings, around forty percent of couples admitted that the financial pressures were causing serious strains on their relationship and forty-two percent admitted that they argued about money in front of their children. With such a high percentage of couples planning to begin divorce proceedings this month, it’s set out to be a busy first quarter for divorce lawyers all throughout the UK

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