Staying Put funds allocated to English local authorities

children legal help dagenhamAt age eighteen, foster children are generally left without living arrangements; however this is all set to change. The Department for Education funded a full year for the Stay Put provision, which provides local arrangements for individuals in foster care who are over eighteen. This Stay Put arrangement allows the foster carer of the individual to watch over them an additional two years and, in total, this funding is set to be around 7.4 million pounds.

Proof needed by local authorities

While this funding is set to encourage more youths to stay on an additional two years to ensure that they have a well-grounded system set up for when they leave care, it is not enough to support all of the children as they age out. Edward Timpson, the Children’s minister in England, said that local authorities needed to prove that the current allocated funds are not enough and that more funding is needed to promote the Stay Put arrangements and provide a better future for foster children.  For more information about Staying Put view the official Government PDF.

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