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The new legal aid digital system is slammed by Resolution chair

The Client Cost and Management System (CCMS) is a topic that has caused controversy. This system was adopted by the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) and it cost 35 million pounds. That is quite a large amount of money for a system that does not work effectively, at least according to Jo Edwards who is the chair of Resolution. Other legal practitioners also feel the same way. The system is supposed to be rolled out nationally in October but with the many issues surrounding it, practitioners are not willing to start using it before the issues are fixed.

Problematic and slow

It has been noticed that the system is very slow; in fact, it is 3 times slower than the paper process. In addition to this, users are not able to keep record of their submissions thus making the system very unstable. CCMS was introduced to encourage online working and make the legal process much easier. Of course, problems are expected but the practitioners insist that ever since it was rolled out, the issues that were present have not yet been addressed and if they are not addressed, it would make it very difficult for them to use the system and many people who require legal aid will suffer.
Jo Edwards expressed his opinion saying that just because the CCMS was working for Legal Aid Agency does not mean that it works. He acknowledged that there have been improvements in the system ever since it was first rolled out but there are current issues that need to be addressed so that there will be no problems when the system is adopted by practitioners in October. Jo Edwards also encouraged the LAA to listen to what practitioners were saying since this would help them know what issues to address before the roll out in October.

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