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Studies Reveal the Implications of Divorce/Separation to the Workplace

Statistics now indicate than at least 1/10 of people working in a typical office environment leave due to a breakup or separation. The same applies to those who have witnessed a colleague leave because of a family split. Again, 16% of those in the workplace have witnessed their colleagues taking a sick leave due to stress in the aftermath of a breakup/separation. Lastly, 15% of those who were interviewed also believed that such occurrences had a negative impact on productivity.

The Implications

Apparently, these are the hard truths that a non-profit family law organization named Resolution, had to publish in their (26th November) findings. The trend was very disturbing, especially now that only 10% of the people working in the UK believed that their employers were doing something to accommodate people undergoing such problems. However, a good 34% believed that more was to be done at the workplace to ensure that victims of separation/divorce are supported.

Just to recap on how costly divorce and separation is to the British economy, we pulled out insights from a recently published article by the British Chambers Commerce, titled ''The Relationship between Employee Well-being & Productivity''.

First though, it was estimated that the financial impact of divorce and separation on the British economy was 46 billion. The message was further reinforced by Jo Edwards - the National Chair of Resolutions, when he said that it's sometimes very easy to forget that what happens out of the office has a direct or indirect impact on what happens inside it.

The Insights

You see, there are rising concerns about productivity and how it's being affected by these family splits. The repercussions are so serious that an employee is usually forced to take a sick leave, or quit work altogether - and this calls for immediate action every time an employer spots the tell-tale signs.

Reports now indicate that there are slightly over 2million small businesses operating in the economy. Small businesses are those with less or equal to 50 employees at any given time. These are the most affected because they can't afford to lose an employee, even when it means going away for a short time. And since it affects people working in that environment, there is a significant evidence to conclude that production is affected in the aftermath of such employee exits triggered by divorce or separation.

The trend is attracting attention, prompting more studies to be conducted:

Just recently, another study conducted by the Institute of Social Research Council (ISER) discovered that between 1/3 and 1/2 men experienced some level of depression in the aftermath of a family split. Consequently, the problem would manifest from one form to another - i.e it affected the victim's mental health, followed by their job and that of their colleagues.

What's more, ISER stated that it could take at least 2 years for one's mental health to stabilise after such an experience. Again, research published by the Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC) indicated that less than 1% of couples in a marriage relationship didn't seek family mediation after a divorce or separation.

This prompted Jo Edwards to state that even though divorce is a stressful thing to experience, there is always a better way to handle it. Solutions would be crafted along minimising conflict, while focusing on the needs of children (if there are any) and trying hard so that the matter is settled out of court.

According to him, the truth is that 73% of people living in Britain have experienced some kind of split or have seen others go through it. Because of this, he advices that one should seek professional help, or even speak to a Resolution member to help them out.

The 2012 Social Justice Report: Transforming Lives

The people of Britain continue to hold on to the idea that debts, family breakdowns, or even drug addiction are intractable problems. For this reason, the government published the above report to instil the basic foundation of love, trust and compassion, since these elements were considered useful if family problems were to be eradicated.

This report set a plan of action where divorce/separation was concerned. They are as follows:

(a) The tax system would recognize marriages and civil partnerships through transferable tax allowances.
(b) They would put more focus on families through the new Family Test, to ensure stability.
(c) The relationship support policy would be brought under one department - which is the department of work and pension.

They are now working towards ensuring divorce and separation doesn't become a major source of stress after work and money. So we're hoping to see transformation in the near future.

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