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Children and Social Services Advice Lawyers Romford and Dagenham

While many child/parent relationships can continue without issue or intervention, there are times when the state will have to intervene. This can be permanent long-term intervention or short term where a family require help due to a parent suffering illness or other problems. For many, interventions can be a difficult thing to face and in some areas a subject of embarrassment. As a result, people may not fully engage with the authorities or not understand their rights in relation to such intervention. In these circumstances, it is important to seek the assistance of trusted reputable child law solicitors. Milner Elledge have over 30 years’ experience in acting in cases where there has been social work involvement. Two of the main areas we are involved in are Emergency Protection Orders and Temporary Care Orders. For expert legal advice and representation, speak with one of our professional child law advisors today.

Emergency Protection Orders

This the most severe type of order, which allows the local authority to remove a child from the care of a person with parental responsibility. The order is time sensitive and can only last for a maximum of 15 days after which point a decision has to have been made as to the child’s future whether that be with the parents or in the care system. This 15-day period is shorter than it sounds and, in the event, that you find yourself being given notice of this order you must seek legal advice. Specialist child law solicitors will work within the time period to build your case and work to ensure that the decision at the end of the 15 days is to allow your child to return home, or receive substantial contact with you. In the majority of cases involving an Emergency Protection Order, legal aid is automatically available to parents.

Care Orders

Unlike with an Emergency Protection Order, cases involving a care order will often still mean that the child remains at home but that some of the parental responsibilities will have been taken over by the local authority. The local authority will work with the parents to enable the best decisions to be made for the child. While a more collaborative approach than the EPO, it is still important to have legal advice to ensure that your views are being considered and that no unnecessary moves are being taken by the council in connection with your child.

Milner Elledge also routinely advise on other areas of social work involvement including children in secure accommodation and child protection plans.

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Social work intervention can happen at any time day or night. If it happens to you, then it is vital that you seek independent specialist legal advice immediately. Milner Elledge have over 30 years of experience in child and family law and are well placed to assist. Contact our team today on 01708 763463 for our Romford office or 020 8984 0940 for our Dagenham office.

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